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Located in Upstate New York (Utica area), My Garage Bar started out as a fantasy football podium (along with other shenanigans) and then blossomed into an idea for a “club” of sorts to allow our friends a laid back place to hang out and have a few adult beverages with us. Countless hours and effort/resources went into transforming my ordinary garage into a fully operational hangout spot we like to call My Garage Bar!

There have been many great times, conversations, contests, games and various other sorts of entertainment going on here and we were brainstorming one day and came up with some ideas for spreading the fun/entertainment to you so we launched this website to do just that.

Folks you will be hearing from are very passionate about a wide variety of topics and we hope to bring you some interesting entertainment. Currently we have a football podcast available with many more projects in the works, including a collectibles discussion show (vintage toys, etc.), hockey talk, an introduction to our local music scene and bands from the Utica, NY area, Garage Bar Happy Hour with some “local yokels”, etc.

Thanks for checking out our website and having a virtual beer with us at My Garage Bar!