Collect Them All! – Episode 1 (Recorded 12/9/17)

Welcome to the first official episode of “Collect Them All!”, the newest show to be added to the collection of podcasts.

This show is dedicated to those that buy, sell and collect vintage toys, comics and cards, as well as anything else in between that one might find interesting. We focus on all aspects of the hobby; from knowing what to buy and sell, to displaying and preserving your collections. We also review several different vintage toy lines, and discuss all the things that we used to love and hate about them as kids.

Soon, we will also feature a store on this site, where you can purchase some of the actual toys that we feature during our podcasts.

Star Wars, GI Joe, Masters Of The Universe, Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, Looney Tunes, Marvel Legends, Blackstar, Dungeons & Dragons, Mask, Voltron, Universal Monsters, LJN wrestlers, Muscles, Battlestar Galactica, Flash Gordon, Lego, McFarlane… you name it, and we likely will be covering it.


This debut podcast, hosted by Rich Massucci and Jacob Doxtader, is basically to serve as an introduction to the two of us, and to setup future shows coming in the next few weeks where we will talk in depth about the world of collecting.

We also spend a good portion of this show talking about the new Star Wars movie “The Last Jedi”, and the newest toys that Hasbro has released along with it. Get ready… we already have a theory about what will take place during this film!

Hope you enjoy the new show. Please feel free to drop us comments and questions. We promise to respond to them all.


Music for this weeks episode of “Collect Them All” is provided by our friends in the band Sophistafunk.

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  1. David J Kelly December 30, 2017 at 7:00 pm - Reply

    Excellent show!! I especially liked when you guys talked about what got you into collecting in the first place. I also liked how you mentioned collecting as a means of expressing your creativity and imagination. Rich mentioned that today’s kids play video games, whereas you go from point A to point B…with no area of creativity. Jacob had a really good point of the creativity of Legos…whereas you’re only limited by your own creativity!! I agree that toys let you “think outside the box” as expressed by Rich. Really good show!! Anyone interested in toy collecting, or the reasons for getting into that hobby, should DEFINITELY check out this podcast!! Great show!

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