Collect Them All! – Episode 3 (Recorded 1/11/18)

How’s it going, everyone? Thanks for stopping by for our third show!

The weather around here has been absolutely atrocious over the last few weeks, and it’s wreaking havoc on our recording schedule! We’ve had to shift things around quite a bit, and for that, we certainly apologize. We’ll explain more about that in the first segment.

After the break, Rich shares an interview which was recorded earlier in the week with Dallas Sheppard, guitarist from the band NineBall. Dallas recently uncovered his entire collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from his father’s attic… toys that he literally hadn’t seen in nearly 25 years.  Unsure what he wanted to do with them, he gave us a call to get a quote on what selling them could bring. We we’re thrilled by what he had.

We close out the show with a review of the most recent Star Wars film “The Last Jedi”. There’s been a lot of debate going on lately as to whether this film holds up to the others in the Star Wars Saga. So what’s our take on the whole thing? You’ll definitely want to hear this…

Music for this episode is provided by our friends in the band Nineball (of course)! Make sure you stop by their page and give them a “Like”!

“This Life” provided by our friends in the band Sophistafunk

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