Collect Them All! – Episode 4 (Recorded 2/7/18)

Welcome back, everyone!

Well, this episode is being released a bit later than we anticipated. We originally recorded it during the beginning of February, and meant to get it out shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, it’s been a bit of a busy time around here. Our apologies. Hopefully no more delays moving forward.

We start out this episode by taking a look at the Masters Of The Universe toy line made by Mattel during the 1980’s.  Sure, they had some funny names… but who didn’t love ’em.  Maybe it’s not too surprising  that these toys are storming their way back into the collectors market, and fetching some pretty big bucks in the process. We talk about our memories of the vintage line, as well as what we think of the modern MOTU releases.

After the break, we talk about some of the lines that were often confused with MOTU…. such as “Thundercats” and “The Lost World Of The Warlord”. People still seem to confuse the lines.

We also dive into our shows newest segment…. “The Mailsack”! Basically, it’s a show and tel;l of what we have found / bought since the last time we were on air, and what we are still looking for. Maybe you’re holding onto one of the toys we are looking for right now. If so, give us a shout and let us know!

Music for this week’s show is provided by our friends in the band Sophistafunk. As always, they give us our opening and closing music. Thanks, guys!!!

Music during the break is provided by our friends in the band “Glen Street.” Drop ’em a line and tell them that you’d like to hear the rest of this song “Esperanza Masta”.

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