Collect Them All! – Episode 8

Welcome back, everyone and thanks for checking out Episode 8 of Collect them All!

Today, we finally bring you the long-awaited “Lego Episode”! LOL

Sorry that it took so long, but we ran into quite a few hurdles along the way, namely building all these damn things! When we first invited our guest, Matt Blush to bring his Lego collection on air and discuss it, we had no idea it was completely broken apart and stored in a giant plastic tote. Our jaws literally hit the floor when we realized that in order to show this off, if would first need to be built. Roughly 30 something hours later, we still weren’t done… but had enough to start talking about.

(Note to self, and any other collectors out there that are putting your bricks into storage: Separate them by set into baggies – especially if you are going to put them all into the same box)

We also discuss the newest Avengers film “Infinity War”, as well as Deadpool 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and the “May The 4th Be With You” Star Wars Day at Yankee Stadium.

Music for today’s show is provided by our friends in the bands Sophistafunk

And Sampere

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