Collect Them All – Episode 9

…I feel like the “Welcome Back, Kotter” music should be playing in the background as I write this 😉

First off, we just want to apologize for our “extended” absence. It certainly wasn’t our intention to take the better part of two months to bring you another episode of this show.  In all honesty, we recorded an episode about 3 weeks ago, but due to technical issues, the audio came out terrible… and we decided to shelf the finished product rather than try to pan it off on everyone.

Believe us when we say – THANK YOU for sticking with us. We definitely appreciate your patience.

That being said, we decided to roll today’s show without bringing in a guest. We figured it would give us a chance to all sit down and just openly chat about what we’ve been up to since we last recorded.

There’s a little bit of everything in today’s show:

Marvel Legends, LEGO, movie reviews (Incredibles 2, Jurassic World, Hereditary), and of course…. Smurfs. Wait… what??

Smurfs??? Really?


Just wait til you hear the story of our “Garage Sale Day”.

…you just can’t make this stuff up.

All this, plus we talk about the final days of Toys R Us (which officially closed it’s doors today 6/28/17).

It truly is a sad day.

Music for today’s show is provided by our friends in the band “Squall”. Make sure you click on the link below to visit their Facebook page, and while you’re there, give ’em a like!

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