Collect Them All! – “Solo: A Star Wars Story” Review Show

Surprise! LOL

After sitting through the opening night showing of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, we (Rich, Jacob and Bill) just had to get some of these feelings off our chest… so we figured why not head back to the ole’ Garage Bar, and fire up an impromptu episode of Collect Them All.

After all, Star Wars had such a profound effect on each of us growing up, that this kinda falls right in line with how we are today.

So I’m gonna warn you in advance. This is very heavy as far as spoilers go. If you haven’t seen the movie yet… and are one of those people who prefer not to be told what you’re in for… probably best to pass this one by.  But if you’re just coming back from the film as well, and wanna chat a bit about your experience with it, c’mon in. Feel free to drop us a line and tell us what you thought.

We also briefly discuss Deadpool 2, which opened in theaters last week. With all of the Marvel movies turning into box office “gold”, is there any end in site?

(By the way… here’s a quick editor’s note: During this podcast, Rich mentions that there was recent news of a company making a bid to buy Fox, and the Marvel titles associated with it. The company is actually Comcast… not NBC.

The closing music for today’s show is provided by our friends in the band “Beside The Sun”. Drop by Facebook, and give ’em a “like”!

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