Keeping It Local – “Beside.The.Sun” Interview (Recorded 4/25/18)

Hey, everyone! Welcome back!

Today, we have the guys from Beside.The.Sun drop by the garage for a visit. They chat about a variety of things, including how they met, previous bands, and where you can see them play in the near future.

We also get a sneak peek of some newly recorded tracks.

Of course, we can’t end the show without sending them through our lightning round, where they’ll have to answer 20 random questions… and they have a few answers that still have me scratching my head LOL.

Beside.The.Sun is: Chris Perez, Mike Santoro, Nate Keida, Mark Dangler and Josh Crossman. Be sure to check out their page on Facebook, and give ’em a “like”.

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    what kind of man calls a woman a scallywag!!!!??

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