All Pucked Up – Episode 9 (Recorded 12/18/17)

It’s week 9, and some things are changing… namely, the format.

We’ve been getting some feedback lately telling us about potential problems that our listeners see with the show.  Great constructive criticism, and we certainly appreciate the input. We’ve been telling you guys since week 1; if you open up to us, we will definitely listen. We’re hoping this change makes a little more sense to some of you.

Today, we discuss the NHL rule book, as well as fighting in the NHL. There’s no shortage of bad calls and strange rules when it comes to hockey.  Most would tell you that’s the very thing that turns them off when it comes to this game. That being said, why is there such a focus on eliminating fighting? Is it really that big of a deal… and is that really the reason why fans are tuning out?

Music for this week’s show is provided by our friends in the band “Cryptid Shadow”!

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