Three And Out – Episode 1 (Recorded 8/22/17)

Our first episode!

Rich, Jacob, Jamie, Ray and Erica talk about all things NFL and fantasy football!

We kick things off by looking at the strange QB situations developing during training camp in both Jacksonville and Chicago. Can these teams figure things out before the start of the season? Also, we discuss the Eagles recent addition of LeGarrette Blount. Will he find success in Philly or are his days already numbered? We close out the 1st down by talking about the preseason schedule. Should we, as fans, be watching these games… and do they even matter?

During our 2nd down, we tackle the ever-popular question: Should I draft a rookie onto my fantasy team, and if so… who? We also debate which aging “star” players to avoid this year, as they begin to wind down their careers.

We close out our first show by talking a bit about the upcoming season, and what the format of our show will look like. We also give you our “must watch” games of the coming week.

Music provided this week by our friends in Nineball!

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