Three And Out – Episode 12 (Recorded 11/7/17)

Well, folks… we’ve passed the mid-way point of the season. Thanks to all for continuing to tune in.

On today episode, we start out the 1st down with a discussion about the Jets / Bills game from this past weekend. Are these Jets legit, and just how are they winning? We break it down. We also dissect two other games from week 9… Washington / Seattle and Baltimore / Tennessee. With the playoffs quickly approaching, do any of these teams have a chance to make it in? We tackle both conferences, and give you our picks.

During the 2nd down, we continue with our weekly “Fire & Ice” picks… and Rich is on a roll! (not really LOL)

We close out the show with Mark Bolos’s weekly picks, as well as our take on the fights that happened around the league during week 9. Also, find out which one of our cast had just a few too many beers while taping the show. (Hint –  by the end of the show, we’re sure you’ll be able to tell).

All this, plus some outtakes from Tuesday’s show… (they might be conveniently hidden at the end.)

Music this week is provided by Yoshi’s band, Masons Revolt. Yoshi is one of the cast members on our NHL podcast, “All Pucked Up”.

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