Three And Out – Episode 23 (Recorded 1/30/18)

Welcome to the final show of the season!!!

We start this episode with a discussion about the upcoming Super Bowl.  It’s the Patriots vs. the Eagles in the biggest game of the year…. but who will be watching? As the media continues to feed us a steady stream of Tom Brady and the “inevitable” sixth championship, we weigh in on why many football fans have lost interest.  We also take a look at the two losing teams from Conference Championship weekend. What can the Vikings and the Jaguars do in the coming months to get them over the hump next season?

During the second down, we take a look at some of the biggest names about to become free agents, as well as some superstars that may be nearing the end of their careers. Kirk Cousins, Le’Veon Bell, Jimmy Graham, Dez Bryant…. and more! We’ll let you know what we think the future might hold in store for some of these players.

We close out our show with a look back at the 2018 Pro Bowl. The NFL has long wondered how to make this game more appealing to both fans and players alike. With another one “in the books”, has the NFL finally made some progress? We also tackle the question: Is Tom Brady the G.O.A.T.? We found an article online a few weeks back that suggested that Brady was not only the greatest football player of all time… but quite possibly the greatest player of all time in ALL of sports! Hmmmm. That’s a VERY bold statement. So how do we see it? Well…. some of our answers might actually surprise you.

Before we put the wraps on our first season, we just wanna thank Mark Bolos, Jr. and the wonderful crew from Big Apple Music in New Hartford, NY for all that they have done (and continue to do) for this show). We certainly realize just how busy they get over there (especially during the holidays) and appreciate that Mark and the staff always find time to lend us a hand. If anyone out there is looking for a great deal on music or production gear…. guitars, drums, amps, mixing boards, DJ gear, lighting… or even TV’s, car stereos, car starters, you name it… PLEASE give Big Apple Music a try. They will go out of their way to help you, and I’m sure they can even work a deal with shipping if you are out of the area. They truly HAVE IT ALL!

We also want to thank all the bands that have worked with us this season, generously providing us with music for each podcast.

A Dying Breed (Jamie Ostinett, Doug Michael, Mike Lampert, Dave White)

High Desert Sky (Kevin Bull, Mark Dangler, Anthony Lopiccolo, Chris Davies)

Sophistafunk (Jack Brown, Adam Gold, Emanuel Washington)

Masons Revolt (Adam Nipe, Nate Keida, Josh Brondou, Josh Crossman, Mike Santoro)

Glen Street (Nick Vanderwood, Alex Verbickas, Adam Manion, Trent Carrig, Dylan Crawford)

Dark Passenger (Phillip Price, Brandon Palmer, Kenny DeBlock, Chris Smith, Daniel Bourgeois)

Autumn Fire (Max Scialdone, Nate Keida, Josh Crossman, Josh Brondou, Ryan Parr)

Into Shadow (Max Scialdone, Tyler Logan, Juan Canteli, Jon Romero, Russ Kanser)

The Old Main (Seth Owen Becker, Nash Robb, Mitch Eckler)

Nasty Midnight (Geoffrey Doyle, Luke Harvis, Russ Kanser, Tom Gatti, Jeff Bieber)

Nineball (Joe Sweet, Dallas Sheppard, Scott Henderson, Mike Chandler, Ken Delaney)

Falling From One (Carl Davies, Solomon Davies, Billy Wenzel) –

And last but not least…

Thanks once again to all of our listeners! It’s been our pleasure to have you tune in week after week, and listen to our take on things.  I must say,  it’s also been great getting to know some of you throughout the season. We certainly look forward to chatting with you once again in the fall!

As we always say, any bands out there who may wish to have their music played on our show…. hit us up! We’d love to work with you. Same thing goes for anyone out there with new ideas for us. We always appreciate suggestions as well as feedback.

Thanks again, everyone!

Enjoy the Superbowl, have a wonderful and safe summer, and we’ll be talking with you again at the start of preseason!

From Erica, Jamie, Ray, Jacob and Rich –


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    Excellent commentary and insight as usual!

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